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How to Locate Dolphin

For the most part anglers run out heading E to SE out of their home inlet until they reach the Gulf Stream this could be within 5 miles from shore to upwards of over 100nm off shore depending where you fish out of. There are online maps that will show you the current position of the Gulf Stream.Most of the time you can tell just by running out until you get into some very nice looking clean blue water and the current is ripping north while you drift. Once you reach the stream some anglers like to continue to run E/SE in zigzag patterns until they locate the fish while others like to troll the edge 


So many colors to chose from yet not enough fishing days in the year to cover them all! Many a times I get asked what is the best color for my area? Well there really is no 100% sure fire way to answer this simply because fish can be hot for pink today and tomorrow they want green and the next blue! Heck this