For the most part anglers run out heading E to SE out of their home inlet until they reach the Gulf Stream this could be within 5 miles from shore to upwards of over 100nm off shore depending where you fish out of. There are online maps that will show you the current position of the Gulf Stream.Most of the time you can tell just by running out until you get into some very nice looking clean blue water and the current is ripping north while you drift. Once you reach the stream some anglers like to continue to run E/SE in zigzag patterns until they locate the fish while others like to troll the edge of the stream on the blind while they locate fish. There are many ways to locate dolphin the most popular and time proven way that most new and old anglersuse is locating floating debris from seaweed to floating pallets and trash. These floaters can be home to hundreds of dolphin since they all carry their own ecosystem. From small shrimp and fish that hide in the weeds to smaller bar-jacks who eat the small bait fish that eat the small shrimp to the dolphin who eat the bar-jacks and the marlin and wahoo and slammer bulls that eat the shcoolie dolphin. You can watch your own discovery channel show out there haha

Another popular way to locate dolphin is by looking for birds preferably frigates that are diving on baitfish schools that are being attacked by dolphin. Some people also say that frigates heading north with the stream are usually on some of the biggest dolphin since bigger dolphin sometimes like to swim against the current. Personally I have not  confirmed that tactic but hope to soon!  

We cannot forget temp changes, humps on the bottom of the sea floor and other structure that will call baitfish, which in turn will bring predators including dolphin to it.  You want to watch your bottom machines temperature gauge and when you see a temp break hit the area hard and keep your eyes peeled for flying fish or other fishy signs! If you see a disturbance in the surface like bigger choppy waves while everything else around you is nice and calm that's a sign of a hump on the bottom of the ocean causing an upwelling that will bring all sorts of baitfish and nutrients to the area thus brining in hungry predators. This is another excellent way to get your hooks and gaff into some dolphin and in many cases tuna and wahoo as well!


Never ignore the sign of a free jumping dolphin when you see one get ready to fish that general area hard for a few minutes because for the most part were there is one there are more!


Now you know what to look for while dolphin hunting, debris, birds, temperature breaks and humps in the ocean floor and free jumpers.



Till then Tight lines and Flat Seas,

Victory Lures!